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Lost and Found

Lost & Found Policy

Al Khoory Inn Hotel offers two ways to report a lost or missing item that may have been left at the hotel during your stay.

By Phone

Please contact Al Khoory Inn Hotel at +971 4 3107999 and ask for our Lost and Found department.

Online Form

Please fill out the information below and submit. Once submitted you will receive a confirmation that your form has been successfully entered into our tracking system . Your request will be immediately reviewed by a hotel representative.

A hotel representative will notify you throughout the process of trying to locate your missing item. You will receive a confirmation email either updating whether the missing item has been found or not.

Shipping of a located item is expedient.

To ensure that you receive the confirmation email, please add the address to the “white list” of any spam filter that may be running on your home computer or office email system.

(For example: your room number, lobby, pool area)

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