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Sustainability and CSR

Sustainability and CSR

Al Khoory Hospitality is passionately committed to caring for society as well as protecting and preserving the planet. This is our vision of success and sustainable growth.

Emirates Recycling Awards

Emirates Recycling Awards

Al Khoory Hotels are pleased to have collaborated with EEG for the 24th cycle of “Emirates Recycling Awards” and support this cause as a valued partner in the journey of sustainability. EEG’s Recycling Campaigns started off in 1997 and the past 26 years has seen immense growth in society participation and impact. In 2022, EEG hosted Eight major recycling campaigns – Paper, Plastic, Aluminum Cans, Toners, Mobile Phones, Glass, E-waste and Scrap Metals. These campaigns welcomed participation from all sectors across the Emirates. Since the inception of EEG’s Recycling Campaigns, the efforts of the participating bodies have led to the mitigation of 92,445 MTCO2E emissions, save 143,282 m3 of landfill space and prevented 428,591 trees from being cut down.  EEG underlines the fact that it is with the strong support and dedication of EEG partners and participants that it has successfully managed to run.

Ramadan Charity Campaigns

Al Khoory Hotels have proudly undertaken the heart-warming initiative of giving back to the community during the holy month of Ramadan.

Across the UAE, the Holy Month is the time for generosity, and each of our hotels is privileged to participate in this activity. Our staff are always more than happy to go the extra mile. They distribute boxes of Iftar meals in different areas of the city, like mosques and construction sites, and to taxi drivers in and around the hotels.

We consider it our honor to be a part of this activity, to share our blessings with the less fortunate, and it is indeed a beautiful feeling to see their smiles while when they receive the Iftar meal boxes.

Al Khoory Hotels looks forward to this annual event during the Holy Month of Ramadan, and we have made it a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility program.

Al Khoory Hotels, Support Earth Hour 2020 Campaign

Al Khoory Hotels participated in the internationally renowned Earth Hour 2020, on Saturday, March 28. For this noble campaign, along with billions of people and establishments across the world, we turned off all non-essential lights throughout our hotels from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm. In-house guests were informed about the activity, and they also turned off the lights in their respective rooms and suites in support of this wonderful initiative for energy conservation.

Earth Hour 2020, a global climate-change awareness campaign rganized by the World Wide Fund for Nature/ World Wildlife Fund (WWF), was started in Australia in 2007. WWF celebrates the event every year, on the last Saturday of March, with the aim of raising international awareness and uniting people to protect the planet from climate change.

Last year, close to 18,000 landmark establishments switched off their lights in solidarity with the movement, even as people across the globe generated over 3.5 billion impressions of #EarthHour, #connect2earth and other related hashtags to show their concern for the planet.

Arun Kumar, the General Manager – Hospitality Division of Al Khoory Hotels, commented, “Our goal is to be a socially responsible hotel group by participating in Earth Hour activities annually. This year’s event reveals the sincerity of our intentions as we switched off lights for an hour to reduce our carbon footprint and help energy conservation. It is our pleasure to do our bit to participate in this noble cause, and we look forward to participating again in the years to come.”